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Taco Bell Burger Detour

Taco Bell Burger Detour Advertising Busy Beaver Button Museum
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Taco Bell Burger Detour back Advertising Busy Beaver Button Museum
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Burger Detour. TACO BELL
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Red text on the top left of a white button. Below the text is a maroon sign with the Taco Bell logo.

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Taco Bell is one of the American fast-food restaurants serving Mexican-style foods founded by Glen Bell in 1962. The chain expanded where the 100th restaurant opened in 1967 and became open to the public with 325 restaurants in 1970. In 1978, PepsiCo purchased Taco Bell and spun out Taco Bell in late 1997 in Tricon Global Restaurants, which later became known as Yum! Brands. In a competitive fast food chain industry, the majority of restaurants serve burgers, rather than tacos. Taco Bell highlights their non-burger fast food offerings in an attempt to encourage more diners to visit their restaurants.

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