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Taste of Chicago Music Budweiser

Taste of Chicago Music Budweiser Beer Button Museum
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Taste of Chicago Music Budweiser back Beer Button Museum
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Budweiser My kind of town Chicago is My kind of taste Bud is TASTE OF CHICAGO
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Red cursive text with a red bow tie shape with white letters in it and a blue music note on a white background

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Every summer Chicago hosts an enormous annual food festival, The Taste of Chicago, downtown in Grant Park. Visitors enjoy a vast array of food paired with music and family activities. The Taste started July 4th, 1980 and was a huge success its first year with 250,000 people attending. In 2017, this number rose to over one million.

Budweiser has long been a part of Taste of Chicago. In recent years, festival goers have visited the Bud Light Stage which showcases new and well-established performers each day of the festival.


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