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While the literal translation of “Viva el Cinco de Mayo” is “Live the 5th of May,” the Spanish phrase is a way to say, “Happy May 5th.” Cinco de Mayo commemorates Mexico’s victory in the Battle of Puebla against the French Army on May 5, 1862. At the time, Mexico owed money to European countries. After becoming Mexico’s 26th president, Benito Juarez declared that payments to foreign countries would be put temporarily on hold in order to give Mexico’s struggling economy and citizens time to recuperate financially. France, being one of the countries that was owed money, took advantage of the situation and sailed to Mexico with the intent to conquer and expand France’s colonial footprint over in the Americas. France, led by Napoleon III, had what was considered the strongest army in the world. Mexico’s victory in battle against that French Army is, to many, more pivotal in history than the date of Mexico’s actual independence in September.
Cerveceria Tecate was first brewed in 1944 by Alberto Aldrete’s brewery in Mexico. Ten years later, Tecate was bought by Cuauhtemoc Moctezuma. More than 75 years after its creation, Tecate is still sold in Mexico and the United States.


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