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Thank God I Am An American

Thank God I Am An American Club Button Museum
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Thank God I Am An American button back Club Button Museum
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Thank God I am an American A.N.U.
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Blue text on white background.

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The American National University (ANU) was developed in 1886 when a group of educators and businessmen and women thought that advanced degrees should be more career focused. There was a need for people to be trained in banking, accounting, administration, and other professional fields. The university was located in Roanoke, Virginia, served the southeastern United States, and was originally called National Business College. As the college grew over the first 100 years of its existence it began to change from a more traditional campus with dormitories to a network of community-based-campuses throughout Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee. In the college’s first years students could only receive certificates, but today they can receive baccalaureates and even master’s degrees. Today there are 31 campuses in six states and a growing online program. 


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