Tim Mc Coy

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Photograph of a man's head and shoulders over black text over an off white background

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Tim McCoy (1891-1978) was an American western actor and military officer during World War I. He was also well known for his expertise in horses and Native American languages and culture. His acting career began when he was asked to help cast a group of Native Americans as extras for the 1923 film, The Covered Wagon. He was later signed by MGM to star in a series of films that shot him into stardom. His first MGM film was War Paint (1926). He was also noted for his role in The Law of the Range (1928) where he starred opposite Joan Crawford. In 1929 he would star in the first talking western serial, The Indians Are Coming. After starring in several more westerns, including alongside John Wayne, he left Hollywood to tour with the Ringling Brothers Circus and eventually his own wild west show.

Part of a set of movie star buttons from the 1920's.

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