Tip Up Town USA

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Text on Button JANUARY 15 - 16 1977 TIP UP TOWN USA JAN. 22 23 HOUGHTON LAKE, MICHIGAN 10611
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Illustration of a map around and including the state of Michigan, with lakes in white and a fish and snow mobile on a blue background with a pink stripe with black text

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Tip Up Town USA is an annual winter ice fishing festival held in Houghton Lake, Michigan that takes place during the last two weekends of January. The festival includes a number of activities in addition to ice fishing. There are snowmobile races, ice sculpture contents, as well as a number of family-oriented activities, including a carnival and pony rides.

The festival gets its name from a device used in ice fishing call a “tip up.” The device is attached to a fishing pole, and when a fish is attached, the flag attached to the device “tips up” to let the person fishing know that there is something on their line.


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