Tony Fitzpatrick The Ascension of Frank

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Illustration of a man's head and shoulders in profile with a blue cross as an eye, blue nose, red lips. He is wearing a black and white striped shirt. The background includes buildings and a small figure with black and white stripes, and a head of a police officer.

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Tony Fitzpatrick is a Chicago based artist known for his fierce independence and outspokenness. Fitzpatrick is one of Chicago's most prominent artists. His work is displayed at the Art Institute of Chicago, Museum of Modern Art, and The Metropolitan Museum of Art. 

The image is inspired by Crazy Frank, a patron who frequented the bar where Fitzpatrick worked. As a minor, Frankie was constantly in foster care and revolved in and out of juvenile detention. He attempted to establish a relationship with his mother, however he was met with very little success. Frankie was a giant, rough and tough, lost, victim of circumstance, no nonsense, tragic character. However, he knew how to take care of himself and friends in need, such as Fitzpatrick when he needed money. Frankie worked as an 'enforcer,' Fitzpatrick lost contact with him after a particularly hostile situation with another.

Please see the link below for Frankie's story.

This button was manufactured by the Busy Beaver Button Co.

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