Tried to Win Cagematch

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Text on Button I TRIED TO WIN CAGEMATCH but according to Charles, I BLANKED!
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The Match Game was a game show that started in 1962 and had various iterations throughout the years. In the show's inception, it was hosted by a man named Gene Rayburn. However, the version that ran from 1973-1979, just called Match Game, had a regular panelist Charles Nelson Reilly, who is depicted in the photograph here. The show’s premise was celebrities answering various fill-in-the-blank questions and the contestants on the show matching responses to the celebrities on the panel. The missing response was often a fill-in-the-blank type. In the 1970s, the show was known for somewhat discreet risqué humor and a double entendre in the answer.

Reilly was also in a movie called Body Slam about a band manager who starts to manage wrestlers. A cagematch is an event in which wrestlers battle in a enclosed location escaping over the top to win. Many of the cage designs are squares or hexagons and proffer obstacles or items that can be used to displace wrestlers. Reilly died in 2007.


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