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Trouser Press was a music magazine started in New York City in 1974 by editor Ira Robbins as well as Dave Schulps and Karen Rose.  It began publication as a mimeograph stenciled fanzine and only 350 copies of the first issue were printed. 

The original tagline for the magazine was "an alternative to the alternative alternatives" and it primarily dealt with British rock music.  As the magazine grew in popularity it began covering the emerging punk scene of the late 1970s, and the new-wave scene of the 1980s.  The magazine stopped publication in April, 1984 due to financial reasons and as a response to what the editors believed was a stagnating music scene.

Although publication of the magazine ceased, several books bearing the Trouser Press name were released such as The Trouser Press Guide to New Wave Records and The Trouser Press Guide to '90s Rock.  Additionally, a Trouser Press website went online in 2002.

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