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Black background with a flower illustration. The flower has sixteen red petals with a light yellow center. Two lines of black bold text is in the yellow center of the flower, with black circular caps above and below the text.

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Dwight Twilley, born June 6, 1951, is a power pop singer popular in the 1970s. He had two hit singles: "I’m on Fire" and "Girls." He released the first one while still part Dwight Twilley Band, while his second was released after he went solo. Power pop was extremely popular in the 1970s and was inspired by bands such as The Beatles, The Kinks, and the early Who. 

Twilley Power is most likely a reference to both the Power Pop music genre and Flower Power. Flower Power is a non-violent ideology that started in the 1960s as a response to the Vietnam war. Allen Ginsberg, a beat poet, came up with the expression, and it inspired peaceful “hippy” protestors to use flowers to transform protests in the late 1960s and early 1970s.


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