U-Haul 25th Anniversary

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25th ANNIVERSARY U-HAUL 25 YEARS EXPERIENCE IN HOUSEHOLD MOVING 1945-1970 printed on the back with an image of a box truck and trailer in the center.

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This button was made in 1970 for the 25th anniversary of U-Haul, the do-it-yourself moving company. In 1945, Leonard “Sam” Shoen and his wife Anna Mary Shoen came up with the idea to start a business that allowed people to rent moving trailers in one city and drop them off in another city. At the time, nothing like it existed and moving companies were expensive. In a post World War II America, more and more people were on the move and in need of a service like this, and the company quickly grew. Today U-Haul boasts over 17,000 locations across the United States and Canada with thousands of trucks, trailers, and storage spaces for rent.

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