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Unstoppable Michael Jackson L.A. Gear

Unstoppable Michael Jackson L.A. Gear Advertising Button Museum
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Unstoppable Michael Jackson L.A. Gear button back Advertising Button Museum
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UNSTOPPABLE - Michael Jackson - L.A. Gear
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Black image of of legs and feet dancing on the toes with Michael Jackson signature behind the crux of the knee, red and blue text on silver reflective background.

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The California-based sports shoes and apparel company LA Gear paid $7.5 million to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, to market a line of shoes and apparel for the brand in 1989. The campaign slogan was "Unstoppable" and the graphic illustrates Jackson's signature 'up on his toes' dance move that is part of his company's logo. Up until this endorsement, Jackson's product deals typically didn't require him to do much, his name being quite enough to sell a product. For the LA Gear commercials and ads, Jackson actually wears the products including a pair of MJ athletic shoes.

The "MJ Billy Jean" shoes were in line with the pop star's sense of style at the time: all black, leather and suede, boot-like sneakers with a bunch of buckles and studs. Unfortunately by 1992 LA Gear was suing Jackson for fraud and breach of contract citing the performer's failure to wear the shoes in three music videos as stated in the contract led to poor sales. If you happen to have picked up a pair, they are worth big bucks now!

"Unstoppable" L.A. Gear print ad

View a selection of the campaign's ads, and the MJ shoes.

Very cool 20 second video of the Michael Jackson Company LLC logo come to life

Press conference announcing the endorsement deal between L.A. Gear and Michael Jackson (September 13, 1989)

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