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Vertigo Comics back Entertainment Busy Beaver Button Museum
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Serving as an imprint of DC Comics, Vertigo began publication in 1993. Founded by editor, Karen Berger, the Vertigo brand was created to publish stories with more adult and graphic content as opposed to what DC Comics usually featured in their comics. The comics under this brand were given more creative freedom due to being unconfined by the rules imposed by the now defunct Comics Code Authority.  Stories tend to thematically revolve around supernatural, horror, and crime-noir themes. Though many Vertigo titles take place in the greater DC Comics universe, many comics under the imprint exist within their own separate and original continuity. In the years since its introduction, Vertigo has enjoyed numerous successes as a result of a passionate fan-base. Examples of its more popular works include  The Sandman series, Preacher, & Fables

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