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Viva La Causa Emiliano Zapata

Viva La Causa Emiliano Zapata Cause Button Museum
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Viva La Causa Emiliano Zapata button back Cause Button Museum
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Black and white photograph of Emiliano Zapata with a white outer ring with black text

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Emiliano Zapata union bug

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Emiliano Zapata Salazar featured prominently in the Mexican Revolution.  He led the peasant revolution and was the inspiration for Zapatismo, an agrarian movement.  Born in 1879, he lived in Morelos, Mexico.  He was an early activist in movements against the dictator Porfirio Diaz, and in 1910, Zapata became a leader of the peasant uprising in Morelos and formed the Liberation Army of the South.  The peasant revolutionaries were fighting against pressure from landowners who monopolized water and land resources with the support of Diaz.  The peasant army contributed to the fall of Diaz, and Zapata then concentrated on rebuilding Morelos and enacting land reforms.  In 1919, he was killed in an ambush while defending Morelos against the Constitutionalist Army.  The button’s text translates to "Live the Cause".

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