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A blue and white illustration of a woman wearing a bonnet on a yellow background. A blue checkmark and text appears to the left of the illustration. 

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In the fall of 1955, Standard Brands Incorporated, makers of Blue Bonnet Margarine, held a contest to elect “Blue Bonnet Sue’s Little Sister 1956.” Any person could send in as many entry ballots as they wished, checking the name of one of four little girls—not only would they decide which child would win the contest, but they would also be entered into a cash prize drawing.

In January of 1956 winners were announced. The title of Little Sister went to the daughter of an NYPD officer, Pat Boylan, 6. For her triumph Miss Boylan received $5,000 toward her future education. After drawing from more than 3,000,000 votes, the first prize of $10,000 was awarded to a woman in Texas, with additional prizes going to more than 3,000 voters. Among the winners: Miss Harriet Nesbitt, 4 years old, of Sewellton Kentucky, who won a cash prize of $500.


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