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A black and white image of a close-up of an eagle crying facing sightly to the left. The word "VOTE" is in all capital white letters with the "O" in Vote as a symbol of the American flag. The entire background of the button is black.

Curl Text OFFICIAL LICENSEEING SLATER CORP, N.Y.C 11 Copyright 1971 by McQ, Inc
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The image on this button was designed by McQ Inc. of Indianapolis, Indiana. The company was founded by Robert McQuade who was an advertising agent who wanted to encourage a large voter turnout.  The company created many items with vote logos on them like this button and interestingly, a record by The Fourth Room titled Vote that uses the same image. "You Better Do Right" is the B-side instrumental song  written by the American jingle writer Ed Labunski and Jerry Friedman. The record was released on McQ Records in Indianapolis Indiana in 1971.

The image of the eagle with a tear represents the pain the country felt over the Vietnam War and to appeal to older patriotic Americans. While the image on the other button in the Button Museum’s collection of a butterfly represents peace and freedom and was meant to appeal to “free spirited youth”.

Olsen, J. (2006). Non-Partisan Get-Out-The-Vote Items. The Keynoter, 2006(3), 18-31.

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