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Burgundy text on a gold background. Five burgundy arrows arch from the top center, and also the bottom center to point at the text in the middle. There is a red ribbon with golden text attached to the back of the button. The ribbon has a gold sticker with black text affixed to it 

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There is a red ribbon attached to the back. Additionally, there is a plastic snap strap with a bulldog clip attached to the locking pin.

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The Council on Medical Service is a subdivision of the American Medical Association (AMA), the largest national medical association. The Council analyzes both the social and economic impacts of medical practices, and recommends policies to the AMA’s House of Delegates to address various issues in these fields. Common topics include Medicare, Medicaid, expanding patient choice, and covering the uninsured. The Council consists of 12 members representing diverse medical specialties, and serve 4 year terms.


American Medical Association (n.d.). About the Council on Medical Service.

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