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Illustration of gaunt looking man in yellow, orange, white and black.  Grinning skull is floating above man's right shoulder.  Black text inside a yellow arrow is atop his left shoulder.  Orange text below his head, and an orange and white starburst behind.  Black background.

Curl Text © Zacherly Lic. Sid Rubin Enterprises - Mfg. Imprint Art.
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John Zacherle was a popular horror movie television show host, recording artist, and radio disc jockey. He was most well-known as the undertaker character “Roland” (pronounced Ro-LAND) which he portrayed as Philadelphia WCAU’s Shock Theater host in the late 1950s. His signature look was to wear his hair parted down the middle, ghastly white face make-up, and a long black overcoat. His show was so popular, at one point there were over 800 fan clubs for him in the Philadelphia area. In 1958, Zacherle moved his character to the Manhattan station, WBAC, to host their presentation of Shock Theater. Due to still-existing contractual issues with WCAU, he added a "Y" to the end of his last name to create the new character name of "Zacherley"(or sometimes "Zacherly") which he went by up until his death in October of 2016. During the summer of 1960, commercials began airing for the "Zacherly for President" set. The package included a photo, two posters, two bumper stickers, a book, and a button. However, due to poor distribution, the set was hard for many to find and has since become quite a rarity.

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