Walker's Lone Indian Camp-Fire Circle

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An illustration of a white tipi against a blue sky. A red banner runs across the center with white text on it. Black text appears avove and below the tipi.

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The Lone Indian Camp-Fire Circle was the brain child of Robert E. Callahan, an actor, advertising agent, and self-proclaimed authority of Native American history. Upset with how Native Americans were represented in Hollywood and inspired by a book, Ramona, Callahan wrote and produced several syndicated radio programs celebrating Native American culture. One of the radio shows, The Lone Indian, featured Callahan as the narrater presenting stories of Native American life. 

The radio program, broadcasted by Warner Brothers, was sponsored by Walkers Department Store in Los Angeles, CA. Children were invited to the fifth floor of Walker’s store to explore a replica of a Native American lodge, win prizes, and receive a Lone Indian button.  Children could also attend events at Mission Village, a four acre piece of land which included several replica buildings, mining towns, pueblos, and a museum.


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