Wanted for Cat Napping

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Text on Button WANTED FOR CAT-NAPPING Ike LaRue Detective LaRue Letters from the Investigations Written and Illustrated by Mark Teague SCHOLASTIC Inc Illustration copyright 2004 Mark Teague
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Illustration of a white dog in a mug shot with white and black text

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Ike LaRue is the main character in the Ike LaRue children’s book series, written and illustrated by Mark Teague. Ike LaRue is the devilish dog hero of the series. His owner, Mrs. LaRue, sends Ike to obedience school after a number of incidents of bad behavior. But after dropping out of obedience school he is entangled in different adventures. In the book, Detective LaRue: Letters from the Investigation, Ike finds himself in jail, wrongly accused of terrorizing the Hibbins' cats and stealing their cat treats.

Mark Teague has written more than 20 picture books, as well as illustrating many other children's books. 

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