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War Savings Service

War Savings Service Cause Button Museum
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War Savings Service button back Cause Button Museum
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Text in tan around the rim with brown background.  Image in the center is in blue and white and shows the hand of The Statue of Liberty. 

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Union Label

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This button was issued in 1918 to War Savings Service members and worn to demonstrate patriotism and participation on the home front. Members pledged to save money where possible, to buy war savings stamps and to recruit other members to make the same pledge. Each member was given one of these buttons to advertise their commitment. Similar buttons with stars on them were given out to members based on how many new members they recruited. The buttons were meant to encourage sacrifice for the war effort.


(1918, June 22). 220,000 recruits start stamp drive: Each signs thrift and savings pledge to buy during rest of year. New York Times.

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