Watch the Skies

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Text on Button Watch the Skies
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White text on a black background with a UFO shinning a bright white light on the ground while hovering over the trees.

Curl Text B-249 BUTTON ENCOUNTERS L.A. CA 90034 (213) 836-2862 1978 © COLUMBIA PICTURES
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The phrase "Watch the Skies" is in reference to Steven Spielberg's film Close Encounters of the Third Kind, which was released in 1977.  The original title for the film while it was still in production was Watch the Skies.  The film's main character, Roy Neary, who is played by Richard Dreyfuss, encounters an unidentified flying object, the image of which is seen here.  The film was unusual at the time of its release because it treated aliens was peaceful creatures, as opposed to their violent counterparts in horror movies of that same time period. 

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