Wausau Winter Frolic

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Text on Button WAUSAU WINTER FROLIC FEB. 6-10 1929
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Wausau is the seat of Marathon County, Wisconsin. The Wausau Ski Club was formed in the 1920s to promote winter sports and activities, especially skiing. The club was in charge of the ski tournaments of the 1927, 1928 and 1929 Wausau Winter Frolics. A 40-foot high ski slide was built at Rothschild Park in 1926, which helped ski jumping to gain popularity. A smaller ski slide was built on the west side of the Wisconsin River during the winter of 1929-1930, which was used by the children in the area. Beyond skiing, Winter Frolic events included hockey tournaments, skating, and curling. 

The Marathon County Historical Society has an award plaque and a skating trophy from the 1929 Wausau Winter Frolic in the collection. 

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