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Text on Button no hopes no dreams we are scarling.
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A rainbow coming out of a cloud above white text on a black background.

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Scarling. is an American noise band formed in Los Angeles in 2002 by Jessicka Fodera, after the dissolution of her band, Jack Off Jill, and fellow bandmate Christian Hejnal. The band would later be joined by guitarist Rickey Lime, bassist Kyle Lime, and drummer Garey Snider. The band’s name comes from a fictional word created by Jessicka in 1999 meaning the smallest mark on your heart left after healing a severe injury.

The band released their debut single, “Band Aid Covers the Bullet Hole,” in 2002 and released two albums, Sweet Heart Dealer in 2004 and So Long Scarecrow in 2005, the latter of which received a strong reception from fans. In 2006, the band toured in the U.S. and Europe.  

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