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Wendell Greenwood Company

Wendell Greenwood Company Advertising Button Museum
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Wendell Greenwood Company button back Advertising Button Museum
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COMPLIMENTS OF The Wendell-Greenwood Co., Badges, Celluloid Buttons, Rubber Stamps 122 SOUTH FOURTH ST.
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Dark blue text on a light blue background

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This button is a happy example of a company still in existence. Wendell-Greenwood started Charles W. Wendell. A printer, he arrived in Minneapolis in 1886 to run a branch print shop for his employer. Wendell and C. W. Greenwood bought the shop for themselves in 1886. Newspaper ads show them advertising lodge supplies for fraternal orders, flags for decorating, and ladies laces and embroidery. A 1914 ad advertised celluloid buttons. They were sued in 1920 for using a trade union label on buttons without permission. The company, now known as Wendell’s, has weathered relocations and new owners. They are still in greater Minneapolis. They also made the original Alcoholics Anonymous medallion.


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