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Westfalia Lunen Brown

Westfalia Lunen Brown Advertising Button Museum
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Westfalia Lunen Brown button back Advertising Button Museum
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Yellow capital text above and below "COAL" which is in a neon-light kind of font with letters in red, green, blue, red, on a brown background.

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Westfalia-Lunen is a German-based hard coal mining equipment manufacturing company. The products are marketed by Mining Progress Inc. Westfalia-Lunen is the predecessor of Caterpillar which is an American heavy equipment manufacturing company. In 1993, Westfalia-Lunen introduced the first and only mine-worthy plow control system. Westfalia-Lunen and Mining Progress Inc. distributed wearable memorabilia including stickers and pinback buttons in the 1970s supporting coal mining efforts as an effort to highlight the positive impact of coal on jobs and the economy. 


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