WFT Clinton Gore '96

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Text on Button WFT CLINTON GORE '96 (union bug)
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Photographs of Bill Clinton and Al Gore side by side with a small red silhouetted illustration of Wisconsin between them.  The middle of the button is half white and half blue with white text.  Blue outer border with red ring and white stars.

Curl Text Paid for by WI Fed. of Teachers TK ENTERPRISES (414) 922-7439
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The Wisconsin Federation of Teachers, now the American Federation of Teachers-Wisconsin, supported incumbent President William "Bill" Clinton and Vice President Albert "Al" Gore when they ran in the 53rd presidential election in the United States in 1996 by releasing promotional buttons. Clinton and Gore defeated the Republican candidate Robert "Bob" Dole and Reform candidate Ross Perot with 49.2% of votes from the electoral college and remained in office for another term. 

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