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WFYR Advertising Busy Beaver Button Museum
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WFYR back Advertising Busy Beaver Button Museum
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Red text on white background. 

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WFYR is a former call sign of WKSC-103.5 Kiss FM. The Chicago radio station began in 1957 as WKFM. It played instrumental music with news on the hour and was the first station to broadcast in stereo exclusively. WKM got sold in 1973 to become WFYR. It played oldies. It sold again in 1991, became WWBZ, and played hard rock. It changed names again in 1994 to WRCX and went from hard rock to active rock. Toward the end of 1998, the station changed call letters and genre yet again, becoming WUBT and playing rhythmic oldies. Finally, in 2001, it became WKSC and plays contemporary hit radio.


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