Who Wants to Be a Camel

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The camel has long been used as a symbol for temperance and sobriety. Examples of the symbol can be found throughout history and the world. Appearances of the camel representing temperance can be found in 400 year old frescos painted by Domenico Zampieri in Italy, in African handicrafts and artwork, and as the logo for the American Prohibition Party. The camel was chosen for its ability to go several days without a drink and, when it does finally drink, it consumes water. 

While the camel has long represented temperance and remains the symbol of the national Prohibition Party as of 2024, the image of the camel was also adopted by many breweries and anti-prohibitionists. Camels can be found on vintage beer cans and packaging for other items, such as malt syrup for “home baking”. The phrase “A camel can go eight days without a drink, but who wants to be a camel?” can be found on anti-prohibitionist memorabilia such as postcards, beer steins, and buttons.


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