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Whoa Johnny

Whoa Johnny Events Button Museum
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Whoa Johnny button back Events Button Museum
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Whoa Johnny ST. THOMAS Rodeo HOMECOMING OCTOBER 18th 1940
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Light blue and purple background with an illustration of a rodeo horse and rider on the top with purple text and light blue text on the bottom.

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The annual homecoming football game and dance is one of the traditions of the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota. The first homecoming dance was held in 1918, almost 30 years after its founding in 1885, and featured a parade, lunch, and a baseball game. The selling of promotional buttons was done every year to encourage the student body's participation in the festivities, and in 1940 they sold for ten cents apiece. Today the homecoming is celebrated with a bonfire, dance, and a football game against the rival St. John’s University.

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