Wie Geht's

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Text on Button Wie Geht's?
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Mouse holding a prezel below German green text over white background. 

Curl Text 1983 TEACHER'S DISCOVERY 800-521-3897
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This button is a teaching tool for the German language. The button's text "Wie Geht's?" translates to "How are you?". Along with language, this button illustrates German history of clothing (the mouses' green jumper called Lederhosen) and cuisine (the pretzel). Until the 19th century in Southern Germany, young boys below the age of sixteen would wear Lederhosen's with straps, similar to the mouse. The exact origin of the pretzel is unknown, however, the first recorded documentation was found on a German baker's guild crest from 1111C.E. The Lederhosen and pretzel continue to be apart of modern day German culture.



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