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Text on Button WILD GOOSE Chesapeake's Own "Ask to be Goosed"
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The Wild Goose Brewery, established by two Washington area lawyers, Ted Garrish and John Byington, businesswoman Nancy Davis, and journalist Rich Klein in 1989, initially had a difficult struggle starting up. Wild Goose was a red beer in a green bottle, not tasting or looking the way regular beer did. Jim Lutz was brought in to help with the brand. He would hit local stores and bars, trying to cozy up to distributors. This method, along with a massive marketing campaign that included promotional items designed to attract as much attention as possible, contributed to a dedicated local following to the brand. Promotional items ranged from Matchbox cars, model train boxcars, t-shirts, hats, and other items offered for sale at the brewery as well at a local shop and catalogs.


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