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Black and white head shot photograph of William Jennings Bryan wearing a bow tie.  Blue background with white stars on upper rim with red and white stripes on edges and bottom of rim, resembling the American flag.

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William Jennings Bryan was born March 19, 1860 in Salem, IL and died July 26, 1925 in Dayton, TN.  He ran for president three times unsuccessfully—he lost to William McKinley in 1896 and 1900, and then to William Howard Taft in 1908. Bryan was regarded as a gifted debater and was also known for supporting reforms such as popular election of senators, income tax, creation of a Department of Labor, Prohibition, and womens suffrage. Towards the end of his life, Bryan became involved in the famous Scopes Trial in July 1925. Bryan firmly believed in a literal interpretation of the Bible and assisted in the prosecution of a schoolteacher who was accused of teaching Darwinism.

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