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Willie Mae Reid is an American feminist, activist, author, and socialist political candidate. Upset with American politics and the the approach the U.S. government took towards domestic and foreign issues, Reid chose to become active in politics. Issues which frustrated Reid included the Boston desegregation busing crisis of the 1970s, and CIA interference with democracy in Chile, Congo, and Cuba. Reid first threw her hat in the political ring in 1975 when she ran for mayor of Chicago. Although she lost that election to Richard J. Daley, the defeat did not hinder her desire to remain active in politics. Reid ran as a vice presidential candidate under the Socialist Workers Party in 1976 along with presidential candidate Peter Camejo, and again in 1992 with James “Mac” Warren. Aside from participating in politics, Reid was also active in the Civil Rights movement, and authored multiple books about feminism and racism. 


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