WMET Rocks Chicago

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Text on Button 95 1/2 WMET ROCKS CHICAGO!
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WMET were once the call letters for the current Chicago radio station WEBG. The station began in 1959 and went through various formats such as adult contemporary and Top 40 until 1979 when it switched to an album oriented rock format and adopted slogans such as, “the mighty MET,” “Chicago’s classic rock,” and “95 and a half, Pure Rock.” In 1985, the music was interrupted every 30 minutes with a voice of a man saying “enough is enough.” Listeners flooded the station’s receptionists with calls about the interruptions only to be told the engineers were looking into it. The publicity stunt was conducted by the station to gain interest in its move to the adult contemporary format. On January 11, 1985, the station no longer played rock and roll. Since then the station has changed owners and format multiple times including jazz and Spanish-language. Since 2015, it has been rebranded Big 95.5 playing a country music format.

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