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Womans Work Is Never Done

Womans Work Is Never Done Cause Busy Beaver Button Museum
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Coordinating Center for Women Woman's Work is never done UCC Women in Mission
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The United Church of Christ is a Protestant branch of Christianity that was founded in 1957 and holds values in liberal ideas that are not often found in other sects of Christianity. The church is a proponent of Women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, and abortion. In 1979, they opened their coordinating center for women, and in 1983, launched the UCC Women in Mission program.

This program was designed to bring a wider audience of members into the church and reconnect women to their traditional role of missions. This program would allow women members to experience spiritual growth, gain leadership experience, and make women feel a greater connection to the church. Some sects of Christianity prohibit women from assuming leadership roles in the church, so this initiative by UCC seeks to reverse that overall trend and make their church more attractive to any curious women looking for a new place of worship.


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