Women for Racial and Economic Equality

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Black text over pink and red images of women's faces.

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Women for Racial and Economic Equality, also known as WREE, was an organization founded by the Communist Party USA. The Communist Party USA is the oldest Marxist-Leninist organization in the United States. The organization put out a bi-monthly bulletin called “The WREE-VIEW,” which was published in New York. While some did include names, many contributors chose to remain a sense of anonymity when published in the newspaper. WREE put out statements that catered to female audiences, especially female racial minority groups. The organization’s appeal was held in the inclusivity of the group as coupled with the logical and emotional draw to audiences. Publishing poetry, articles in multiple languages, and topics relevant to women, the “WREE View of Women for Racial and Economic Equality” also published articles against the Reagan administration and calls to boycott specific companies. Alongside all of these are sometimes well-hidden pieces of Communist propaganda that praised the party and their ideals.


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