Woodmen Of The World

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Image of sawed-off tree trunk with four large sawed-off roots in brown on white background with white text.

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The Whitehead & Hoag Co. Newark, New Jersey.  Allied Printing union bug. 

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Woodmen of the World was an insurance company that began during the 1880s.  They would pay the widow of the deceased $100 and provide a memorial stone free of charge if the widow would agree to put the logo of the company on the memorial stone.  Typically the memorial marker was either in the shape of a tree stump or had a carving of a tree stump and included the images of the maul and wedge, the ax, and the Dove of Peace, along with the latin inscription dum tacet clamat (though silent, he speaks). The headstone program was discontinued by the 1920s as it became to expensive to maintain.

The organization began calling itself WoodmenLife in 2015 and there are now more than 900 chapters throughout the United States. They conduct volunteer and charitable activities that benefit individuals and communities. 

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