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Radio station WGHP first went on the air in Detroit, Michigan in 1925. After being purchased by Kunsky-Trendle Broadcasting in 1930, it was renamed to WXYZ. The station, playing at a frequency of 1270 kHz, mostly played local network programming, but made the transition to the Top 40 format in 1958, instead featuring a wide variety of music genres. Although the Top 40 model was successful for a decade, rating began to decline in the mid 1970s, so the station completely ceased playing music in favor of an all-talk format in 1978. This led to the station changing names to WXYT, with the "T" standing for "talk." Maintaining the all-talk format, WXYT underwent yet another change in 2000, when it switched focus to become a sports radio network and acquired the broadcast rights for the Detroit Tigers baseball and Detroit Red Wings hockey teams. The station briefly reverted back to talk radio format in September 2011, but returned to sports talk in January of 2013, which they continue today. 

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