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Written by Arthur Freed and Nacio Herb Brown in 1935 for the MGM film, “Broadway Melody of 1936,” the song “You Are My Lucky Star” was released months before the film’s premiere to draw attention to the film's production and stir up anticipation for the film's premiere. This early version of the song, which was recorded by Lew Sherwood and the Eddie Duchin Orchestra, quickly became number one on the charts where it remained for several weeks. The song is used throughout the film, both vocalized by the main star, Eleanor Powell, and in instrumental segments when she is dancing. Other popular versions of the song were recorded by The Dorsey Brothers and Louis Armstrong, all of which were concurrent with the film’s release in 1935.

It was made famous again with the release of the 1952 film “Singin’ In the Rain” – this time as a duet between the movie’s stars, Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds – and is probably the most well-known version. For the 1979 science fiction horror film, “Alien,” actress Sigourney Weaver had the idea for her character, Lieutenant Ripley, to be shakily consoling herself with the classic song’s lyrics when facing the alien head on during the film’s climax – a more literal take on the song and an intentionally stark contrast to its glittering Hollywood origins.


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