Is Your Best Friend Eating Eukanuba

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Eukanuba, a pet food company, was started by Paul Iams, two decades after he founded his first Iams © dog food company. In 1969, Paul Iams created the first high protein dog food that put performance and nutrition first at a slightly higher cost than most pet food, aimed at creating a premium dog food to provide the fuel sporting and working dogs need for a day’s work. Iams chose the name Eukanuba, a jazz term meaning “supreme,” to symbolize the vision he had for the next-level canine nutrition.

The slogan, 'Is Your Best Friend Eating Eukanuba? Eukanuba – the best you can do for your dog,' was used in the 1990s to advertise Eukanuba products, but the company has since shortened the slogan, focusing to highlight Eukanuba as the best product. Other taglines the company has used include: ‘What healthy dogs and cats are made of.’ ‘Eukanuba. What healthy pets are made of.’ ‘Strong. Focused. Ready for anything. That’s a Eukanuba Dog.’

Eukanuba has served as a sponsor and host for many events and championships including the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship, the Eukanuba World Challenge, the Teva Mountain Games, and the Eukanuba Stage Stop Race.


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