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Your Source for Collectible Buttons Self Referential Button Museum
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Your Source for Collectible Buttons button back Self Referential Button Museum
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Illustration of Ted Hake wearing a bluish-green shirt and wearing a button of himself on an orange background with black text

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In 1968 Ted Hake created Hake’s Americana and Collectibles Auction #211, the first auction to specialize in American pop culture. Hake authored many price guides for collectibles, including political items, pinback buttons, and other pop culture memorabilia. In 2004 he sold the company but continued to work as a full-time consultant for them. In 2012 Hake launched, where he sells buttons and other pop culture artifacts from his personal collections at fixed prices.    

In the picture on the button Ted is wearing a button of himself wearing buttons that is in the museum here.

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