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Illustration of Yummy Clare wearing a red dress, her hands are spread out and the name of her show arches overhead in rainbow colors. The background is sky blue and dotted with clouds.

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The Yummyfun Kooking Series was a 2008 cooking show for kids hosted by Clare Crespo, or "Yummy Clare," with her entourage of both puppet and human co-stars. Most notably, John C. Reilly played a recurring role as Yummy Clare's neighbor, a sea captain. Along with three full length episodes and 13 mini-episodes of the series, viewers could sign their kids up for the Yummyfun Kooking Club which included cooking supplies, recipes, and a letter from Yummy Clare in the mail every month. In 2013, Crespo's Yummyfun promotions dwindled and she shifted her focus over to physical art mediums such as pottery and illustration. In 1993, well before the beginning of Yummfun, Crespo played bass for indie musician Beck on some of his early, unreleased work.


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