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Dalo Button & Emblem Co., Inc. began in New York in 1963. The company was officially registered as a wholesale clothing button company from 1966-2011. The company was managed by David Schneider, who would remain in the button business for over 20 years and would later go on to become president of the company.

David Schneider standing with buttons
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The company’s offerings ranged from different topics and subjects, rising in popularity in the 1970s when buttons in the U.S. became all the rage. Schneider noted sales had been increasing in the industry since 1968. The company had few objections to the content on the buttons they produced as long as they weren’t obscene. Popular themes that emerged as subjects on their buttons and remained popular in the 70s had been campaign buttons, especially presidential ones, but the company would produce buttons that ranged from subjects like the Vietnam war, ecology, anti-war sentiment, student protests oriented ones (Blackman, A., 1970). Schneider was featured with his button collection when national press picked up the story of booming button business from Arizona to Michigan in 1970. Dalo promoted protests and causes from all philosophies and "stood ready to print almost anything anyone wants to protest."

Dalo Buttons & Emblem would face another business boom in the 1980s, where holidays and elections would generate large income for the company. The hunger would be so intense that the company would even go on to sell old campaign buttons from the 1970s to meet with the demand for buttons from vendors (“Button, button,” 1980).

The business boom, however, wouldn’t last forever. The reins of the company would pass on to Lois Schneider, who remained chairman until the business was officially dissolved in 2011 (Experian Information Solutions, Inc., 2011).

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Image courtesy of Old Politicals Auction.

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Buttons in the museum manufactured by Dalo Button & Emblem Co Inc.

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