Detroit Badge and Novelty

Detroit Badge and Novelty

Detroit Badge, sometimes known as the Detroit Badge and Novelty (Button, Political, n.d.), operated out of Detroit, Michigan dating back to 1914 (Polk’s Detroit City Directory, 1914). The company was especially active during the 1980s, a popular time for buttons, when they produced many politically themed buttons.

carter sad face detroit badge busy beaver button museum
This button can be found here in the museum.

When and why the company went out of business remains a mystery for now, but its legacy will live on in the buttons that still carry its name.

Source: Polk’s Detroit City Directory [Telephone Directory]. (1914). Detroit, Michigan: R.L. Polk & Company.
Source: Button, Political. (n.d.). The Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Library & Museums.

Buttons in the museum manufactured by Detroit Badge

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