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Brother Buzz has been the spokesperson for The Latham Foundation for Human Edu
cation for over 80 years. He became a TV star in 1952 when Ralph Chessé created a KPIX TV production with marionettes. The Wonderful World of Brother Buzz produced under the sponsorship of the Latham Foundation for the promotion of Humane Education  became the longest sustaining children's program in the history of San Francisco television, lasting from 1952 to 1969. It rivaled Howdy Doody for longevity with a run on the air of 17 years whereas Howdy had only a 13 year run. It was the first Children's Television puppet program to deal with environmental issues and to explore the realm of animals by promoting Humane Education. It ran on three stations in San Francisco KPIX, KTVU and ended up on the ABC affiliate station KGO- Channel 7 where it was syndicated and distributed by Westinghouse and the Cox Broadcasting systems. A DVD is available from the Latham Foundation .

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