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In Hake's Auction #184, this button sold for almost $1,500.
This beautifully colored 1908 button is titled on the rim edges "Enemies Of Special Privilege-Upholders Of Equality Before The Law." In diamond at center is Bryan caption "The People's Choice." Pictured in circular frames surrounding him are Washington, Jackson, Lincoln, Jefferson. Additional slogans are "Ideal American, Popular Statesman, Down With The Trust." Tiny text around the Bryan frame reads "© 1908 Schradsky Co., Denver, Col." although reverse has paper of actual maker W&H, Button has extremely ft. age tone on 12 of 56 letters forming the bold slogan words at top and bottom. There is no obvious spotting, only a little darker tone on 12 of the cream-colored letters. Extreme outer edge has some tiny raised cello bumps just noticeable to the touch but causing no problem. The large center image area is totally clean. Entire button has perfect centering and high gloss. The largest size of three versions of this pin and in our experience, the rarest of the three.

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