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Early 1900's Revere Beach, Massachusetts pocket mirror. From the collection of Lon Ellis.

This beautiful pocket mirror was issued in the early 1900’s during the golden days of Revere Beach Massachusetts. This beach is located about 5 miles north of Boston. In 1896, the Metropolitan Park Commission wanted to turn a very popular and beautiful area of beach known as Crescent Beach into a major amusement park and ocean-side destination. After buying up the property and clearing the beach of all structures, many outstanding attractions and amusements were built such as the Ocean Pier, five dance ballrooms (the Crescent Gardens Ballroom was one), Hurley's Hurdlers and Hippodrome carousels, and the Derby Racer and Virginia Reel thrill rides. The beach also had the famous Cyclone, an all-wood roller coaster that was the longest and fastest roller coaster at the time.

Unfortunately, over time many of the amusements vanished including the Cyclone roller coaster which was torn down in 1974. The weather in New England was also responsible for much of the deterioration of the area including the beautiful beaches. In 1992, there was a major effort to rejuvenate much of the area. While it is not the same as it was over 100 years ago, many people enjoy the area both in summer and winter.

Revere Beach has the distinction of being America’s first public beach.

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