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Emerson Hamilton Liscum. From the collection of Phil Shimkin.

Emerson Hamilton Liscum was an American hero of the Boxer Rebellion -- the largely forgotten conflict that began in 1899 and pitted the world powers (Britain, France, Germany, Russia, Japan and the U.S.) against Chinese nationalists who wanted to halt foreign influence in China. Liscum was a career soldier -- he volunteered in the Civil War and served as a Corporal in the First Vermont Infantry, then joined the Regular Army and was brevetted Captain for gallantry in the 1865 Richmond campaign. He remained in the Army after the Civil War and was wounded at Santiago during the Spanish American War. Liscum was Colonel and commander of the 9th U.S. Infantry at the battle of Tientsin -- the major battle of the Boxer Rebellion on July 13, 1900. He was wounded while carrying the Regimental colors, yet he continued to direct his men, shouting "Keep Up the Fire Men" before he was fatally shot. Liscum's last words became the Regimental motto and the 9th Infantry is known to this day by the honorary title of "Manchus". Liscum is buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

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