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Fred L. Lake & Co. Self-promotional Button. From the collection of Lon Ellis.

This is a 1-inch pinback button from my collection that I think is pretty unusual and has a great design.

Fred Lake started his business in Dallas Texas in 1889 by trading an old Swiss watch for a rubber stamp outfit from the son of a former owner of the Times Herald in Dallas. Mr. Lake acquired a business under the name of the Dallas Engraving & Manufacturing company, then he rented a small off

ice in an old frame building on Commerce Street. He working all day on the streets of Dallas soliciting orders for products he could make. Then, he would return to his office at day's end and work far into the night making products which he delivered the next morning.

I have found that buttons made by Fred Lake are pretty scarce. Most were probably very local issues which is why you don't see them very often.

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